Fuji Elevator Supplier Teaches You How To Take Your Baby Safely By Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-12-19

Many mothers often take small babies to go shopping, convenient baby strollers are the preferred equipment for mothers to go shopping with their babies; in modern cities, elevators can be seen everywhere, so how do baby strollers go up and down to ensure the safety of your baby? Let's take a look at the Elevator Supplier .


1. Push the baby stroller by the vertical lift

There are many people on the escalator in public, and the body of the baby carriage is relatively large. In case of emergency stop and crowded crowd, the body may fall. Do not push the stroller onto the escalator. Because the wheel of the stroller may be caught by the escalator pedal, the baby in the car falls out with inertia.


2. Push the elevator on the cart, pay attention to the angle of inclination

In general, the first step is to keep the stroller level and stable, and avoid the car from tilting too far in the process of going up and down. The greater the inclination, the smaller the friction. When the tilt angle of the cart is too large, the mother not only needs more strength to stabilize the cart when going up and down the elevator, but also makes the baby in the car feel uncomfortable.


3. Take the escalator and pick up the child on the empty ladder

If you do not find a vertical lift and need to take the escalator, it is recommended to pick up the child and empty the car. This is the most reassuring and most reliable way to take a stroller and escalator. Remind everyone who needs to push the baby out of the stroller. If you have family or friends around you, the best way is to hold the child and let the family push the trolley to the elevator.