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Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-02-20

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Emergency Battery Lowering For Hydraulic Elevators

For passengers in an elevator car, the time immediately following a localized power failure or a general grid blackout is one of at least slight panic. The emergency lighting snaps on, the ventilation has ceased, the car is frozen in mid flight. Even if you don’t suffer from claustrophobia, there is little prospect for being stranded in an elevator being a relaxing event.

But what if you could equip your elevator to lower itself during a power failure? Whether new construction or a retrofit, we are an elevator company that can integrate an auxiliary power unit, (APU) to work with most hydraulic elevator systems. An APU can lower a hydraulic elevator from as many as five floors of travel in the event of a primary power failure.

While you might not think of your elevator’s capabilities as a selling point to prospective tenants, auxiliary power is one of those features you can actually tout as a perk of renting in your building. Never again will a tenant face the prospect of being trapped in the elevator awaiting the restoration of power.

When the primary power fails, (and these units can tell the difference between unintentional power loss and intentional switching off), the APU snaps into action upon the stopped elevator to restore proper function for that one controlled descent to the lowest landing. The proper voltage to the controls is restored, but the system only allows that one last direct descent and then opens the door to discharge the occupants. Once landed and upon completion of the door opening cycle, the APU shuts down to prevent further use without primary power.

Just think of how much better that emergency phone call from the car goes when the answer to your tenants and their guests is that they’ll be released momentarily upon the lowest floor instead of saying they’ll have to wait indefinitely for a restoration of power. The company has established one-continuous-line of highly-efficient work system from elevator design, manufacture, installation, modernization and maintenance.