Fujihd Elevator Maintenance Costs's Key Factors

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-05-22

FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. is a professional Escalator Company. We can provide escalators and elevators of different types, sizes, styles. Because of our professionalism and high technology, more and more customers begin to choose our elevators. There are also many customers who have started consulting elevator maintenance. This article will briefly introduce the key factors of elevator maintenance costs.

A well-maintained elevator can usually be used for about 25 years, but some parts may need to be replaced on a regular basis. Even if the elevator is well maintained, it may eventually require overhaul or replacement of equipment. Modifications to existing systems are called modernization and can be in whole or in part. If a new elevator is added to an existing elevator or a new elevator is installed from scratch, the project is considered a new construction.

Proactive maintenance is better than reactivity and responds only to problems. The elevator should be inspected by a certified professional every year. If the parts are no longer available, the cost-effectiveness of replacing the elevator will be higher if the useful life of the equipment is well past the expected life expectancy, or the elevator needs to be repaired.

The old equipment is switched off and the way it is removed depends on the size and range of the building and the lift. In most cases, the hoistway is fixed to prevent any unwanted movement. Then, the controller, drive machine and door equipment are removed. In some cases, the walls or ceilings of the engine room need to be dismantled to gain access to the old equipment. Many buildings have "holes" in the engine room where workers can remove old equipment through a lower floor and lift it in new equipment. Crane may also be located on the roof of the building to help construction.

When installing a new fujihd elevator, the controller will follow. Connect the elevator to the temporary operating position so that the worker can manually move the elevator in the hoistway. Then the elevator is fully connected to the new controller for automatic use. The fujihd elevator must be tested by the inspector and any relevant authority at full capacity. The elevator is ready for passengers after receiving the card. If elevator maintenance is required, building managers and board members need to notify residents in advance and stay current as the project progresses. Some building managers choose to speed up their plans to minimize disruptions.

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