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Escalators provide people young and old easy and usually safe travel up and down floors in large facilities like shopping malls and airports, but they can also be a potential safety threat if not maintained and used properly. Escalators can be especially dangerous for young children as well as older adults, and it is important to assist them while on an escalator and be aware of their actions while riding.

Here are a few tips to staying safe when riding on escalators:

When boarding an escalator:

* Take note of the direction that the steps are moving and make sure that you get on and off with care

* Make sure that you are careful if when wearing bifocals of glasses as they may give a false image of where the step is.

* Secure children firmly by either holding their arm or their hand.

* Secure small packages securely in one hand, and make sure you always keep one hand free to keep hold of the handrail

* make sure to hold the handrail immediately as soon as you board the escalator

* do not board the escalator going in the opposite direction

* Refrain from taking electric scooters, buggies, luggage carts or bicycles onto the moving steps

* Keep loose clothing clear of steps and sides.

* Be sure not to wear open toed shoes, shoes made of rubbery materials or sandals

* Keep well clear of the sides of the escalator at all times

* Face to the front at all times and make sure you pay attention to what is happening

* Make sure you take note of whether your hand is moving further ahead of the steps

* Do not put any items or parcels on the handrail or up against the edges of the steps

* Do not ride or climb onto the handrail

* Do not let children sit on steps or stand too close to sides.

* If little children cannot reach the handrail, instead keep them in the centre of the step and hold onto them

When accepting off an escalator:

* Accumulate a attending out for the end of the accomplish and alight promptly

* Accomplish abiding you get off the accomplish entirely, do not let your anxiety blow the end of the escalator.

* Move abroad from the end of the escalator immediately, do not stop but accumulate affective as added cartage may be advancing abaft you.

Common escalator injuries cover affair or austere edgeless force agony from tripping. These injuries can be life-altering. Consistently use able affliction and advance by archetype if application an escalator.

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