How to Correctly Use Cargo Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-01-05

Before opening the cargo elevator manufacturer hall door into the car, we must pay attention to whether the car stopped at the floor, confirm the car after the stop of the station and then enter, do not rush into to prevent the car is not at the landing and pit bottom, resulting in Serious accident.Into the elevator hall door, you can not open the door outside the door manually open the door; into the elevator car, hall car door is not fully closed elevator can not be started. Elevator hall, car door open, is prohibited to step in the hall, car door, in case the accident happened.

According to the need to short press the arrow keys, floor key. Do not use hard objects, finger tap or straight press not let go, in order to avoid damage to the keys can not access the elevator failure.When carrying the goods, it is not allowed to overload, impact or smear the elevator; the load should be laid flatly in the center of the car as much as possible to avoid the inclination of the car during the loading operation.

Prohibition of the shipment of flammable, explosive and other dangerous goods. In case of special circumstances must be shipped, subject to safety, technical department approval and take safety precautions before shipping.Do not dispose of sundries or liquid spilled liquid on the elevator doors, elevator doors or in the car. Otherwise, the cargo elevator will directly increase the frequency of serious faults and threaten the safety of your cargo elevator.

It is forbidden to open the car top safety window and the car safety door to carry long objects. Non-elevator professionals should not forcibly open the cargo elevator doors with keys or other items; it is forbidden to enter the car roof, hoistway, engine room or any abnormal operation of the cargo elevator without the consent of elevator professionals.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the car. When you are trapped in the elevator, do not panic, use the emergency intercom call button to inform the elevator monitoring personnel, the elevator administrator will be rushed to troubleshooting as soon as possible; in the elevator under normal circumstances do not touch the intercom call button, otherwise it will cause you The possibility of being locked in the elevator.