How to Save Yourself in Escalator Accident

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-05-22

Our life is full of elevators. We use it at any time because it can facilitate our life, but at the same time there is danger. When you meet an elevator accident, what should you do? This article will teach you some self-help methods.

On the escalator encountered any emergency, they should press the emergency button the first time. Usually in the elevator up and down both sides of the head and tail, the escalator has a red emergency stop button, the escalator in the middle of the longer also has an emergency button, the button position is usually not easily triggered in place, but as long as careful attention Easier to find. When it is confirmed that someone is involved in the elevator, people around should promptly find the button and press it firmly. However, in a non-emergency situation, do not press the button by mistake or feel fun and press, or suddenly shut down can easily cause passengers to fall, flip over or stampede.

In addition to press the emergency button, passengers should also be self-protection, usually take the elevator to follow the principle of left line right legislation, clenched the China escalator handrail, accidentally stampede or crowded to keep the body center of gravity, accidentally fell to the ground, Cross your fingers with both hands, cover the back of your head and neck, and move your elbows forward to protect your temples on both sides. Knees should be as far as possible flexion, protect the chest and abdominal vital organs, lying on the side. When someone suddenly fell down in front of him, stop immediately and cry for help, informing the back of people not to move forward.

In the elevator if suddenly trapped in the elevator among them, do not panic, you can use the elevator phone or walkie-talkie to help the parties concerned, or dial 110 for help, you can press the alarm bell on the label. Can not immediately find the elevator mechanic, you can call outsiders call the firefighters. Firefighters usually wind up or down the elevator to the nearest floor, then open the door. Even if the power outage, firefighters can use a hand-held device, the elevator twisted on the next twist. People trapped in the elevator can not confirm the location of the elevator, so do not force the door, this will bring new dangers. The top of the elevator has safety windows, but this safety window is for elevator maintenance personnel only, so do not slam the safety windows on the elevator car as climbing the elevator from here is even more dangerous.

In the middle of the night or weekend trapped in the elevator building, it may be a few hours or even days no one approached the elevator. In this case, the safest course of action is to keep calm and look for opportunities. Listen to the outside world, if pedestrians, try to attract their attention. If not, wait for work time and then call for help.

As more and more elevators and escalators are used in our lives, we must choose a professional Escalator Factory to purchase escalators or elevators to avoid such elevator accidents.