Elevator Knowledge from Elevator Manufacturer Fuji

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-07-09

When choosing elevator, economical is the owner's concern in the selection of elevators, mainly related to elevator equipment costs, civil construction costs, installation costs, operating costs, maintenance costs, tariffs and insurance costs. Elevator Manufacturers Fuji uses the latest technology to reduce manufacturing costs. The cost of equipment depends on the type of elevator, functional configuration, technical level, brand, quality grade, etc., as well as the number of units selected according to the traffic analysis of the building, rated speed, rated capacity, and operation mode; civil construction costs need to consider the civil engineering of the shaft and the engine room.

Cost, saving hoistway space and machine room space; installation costs need to consider equipment transportation costs, commissioning costs (some elevators to meet the requirements of modern construction construction period, pre-assembly and commissioning before leaving the factory, and the elevator and the building combined Partially reduced to the minimum), new ladder inspection fees; operating costs need to consider energy-saving indicators and annual inspection costs; maintenance costs need to consider the scope and duration of the warranty, maintenance costs after the warranty period, the life of key accessories, the price of accessories available for payment Wait.

The elevator is closed, the elevator door is opened, but the car is not on this floor. How can the elevator safety be guaranteed? Experts remind people to take the elevators, pay attention to the safety inspection qualified signs issued by the quality supervision department within the validity period; when entering and leaving the elevator, you should see the position of the car, do not enter the dark or the uneven floor When the elevator is overloaded with an alarm, don't hold it in your luck; when the elevator door is about to close, don't force it into the elevator, stop the elevator from closing, and avoid one foot staying outside.