Interview Elevator Practitioners' "Occupational Diseases"

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-06-12

Elevator practitioners, there are many "occupational diseases", elevator man from elevator manufacturers fujihd this time, specifically interviewed several elevator practitioners to talk about their "elevator occupational disease", then your "occupational disease" it?

1. Also take the elevator always look at the brand subconsciously; take a straight ladder always rely on there, see people's track straight and straight; see people can not help but look at the elevator to see more.

2. Maybe you are afraid of death. When you enter the car, you must take your feet to feel if the leveling is good.

3. Occupational illnesses in elevators should be stomach problems. Sometimes one repair is a day. Sometimes it starts at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and at 12 o'clock in the evening. Stand by at any time and always on the road.

4. With neurasthenia, leaving the repair site is still thinking, just short-circuited door lock line is not removed.

5. Business trips always turn over to see if they have all the information. The four-hour trip package will open several times.

6. Always lose tools on the construction site. One year to buy N tools, and then the next time I went to repair, found on the top of the car, the pit, the engine room, saw it again.

7. I don't sleep well; I like to take out a tape measure table; I look into the ladder on the car, what the unit cares for and the annual review date; I'm afraid to answer the phone at night;

8. Go home from work often take the stairs ... because -------------- tired of going to work.

9. To change the line, look at the switch again, wait for another time, and then take another look.

10. The most fear is the pit, which is not really smelled inside.

11. I built a hydraulic ladder. At the time there was no light in the pit. I jumped without hesitation...

As a result, the oil came to my chest. I only learned later that if the ladder did not go, they would refuel! Oh my God!

12. The phone is turned on 24 hours, and sometimes the phone does not touch the phone! Someone touches the phone while they are on the phone!

13. Would rather not come home the key, can not be less a key, that is, can not leave the triangle key.

Elevator practitioners, take a look at a few of you!