Precautions of Selecting the Passenger Escalator Manufacturer

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-01-15

Elevator company grade positioning standards: the elevator manufacturer must be a professional production Escalator Manufacturer, the registered capital of not less than 100 million yuan can not be OEM. Important components of the elevator to have leading technology, such as passenger elevators, elevator sightseeing elevator is a permanent magnet synchronous car door machine is frequency control voltage regulator door and the use of light curtain protection. Safety gear such as safety gear, speed limiter and bumper must be made by professional manufacturer. The best use of intelligent or variable frequency escalators and no machine room or small machine room frequency passenger elevators, tourist elevators.

The main parameters determine the delivery capacity. Escalator: the number of wide cascade, dip angle. Elevator: rated load, rated speed, maximum lifting height, the number of several layers of several stations.

Need to consider the technical performance - reliability, advanced and comfortable. The so-called reliability refers to the ability of the elevator system to maintain the prescribed functions within the prescribed time. Our requirement for elevator reliability is to minimize the number of malfunctions during operation, and to easily rule out the occurrence of faults, which requires that the manufacturer of our choice has a high level of confidence, the elevator configuration is better, and preferably the local A dedicated maintenance team. The advanced nature of the elevator is mainly reflected in the drag and control technology, FM VVVF speed control technology is now the main push of the manufacturers of energy-efficient, efficient drag technology. Microcomputer control system to achieve intelligent control of the elevator, the use of low failure rate, high reliability, strong anti-interference comfort refers to the elevator acceleration, vibration, noise, decoration, lighting and other indicators of the human sensory impact. Noise is mainly generated by the traction machine, to choose a small noise traction machine.Excellent control system can reduce vibration and increase comfort.

High-end elevator brands will emphasize how advanced their technology. Domestic elevator brands will emphasize that they use a high-end brand of advanced technology. Miscellaneous brand elevator brand will tell you what brand of elevator are similar, debugging is very important. Etc. And so on. Select the elevator, the main or to their own budget, choose to adapt to the configuration of their own buildings, functions.