Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-03-28

As we all know, elevators are become more and more important in our daily life. And at the same time, people have different needs on elevators. Therefore, according to people’s needs, there are different kinds of elevators. Hengda Fuji provides customers different kinds of elevators which has its unique features with its best service.

Hengda Fuji machine room less passenger elevators are specially designed for residential, hotel, hospital, and office building, which effectively improve the utilization of buildings, save the installation space, and also show the core of safety, health, comfort, energy-saving and environmental protection design concepts. As for its passenger elevators, there are many unique features.

Safety. Elevator safety is a very important topic when it is used. There is no exception for passenger elevator. Hengda Fuji passenger elevator adopts the most advanced technology to ensure the safety operation of elevator and to provide passengers with a more safety and reliable experience. Its operation is very convenient and stable with less vibration and noise.

Emergency power operation. Just think that when passengers meet some emergency situations in the elevator, they have to stop the elevator and ask for help. Therefore, at that situation, emergency power operation shows its vital feature. Many elevator installations now take emergency power systems seriously which prevent people from becoming trapped in elevators. The passenger elevator has its own emergency power operation which can give passengers the most vital help and prevent them being trapped in the elevators.

For your health and efficiency. Passenger elevator uses the most advanced technology, such as, PMSM gearless and LED lighting to reduce energy, oil pollution, noise and vibration in consideration of your health and environment around you. With the using of advanced drive and control system, passenger elevator can pre-set the optimized speed curve so as to get the precise leveling and smooth operation, which give you the best experience.

Energy-saving. With the development of technology, people pay more attention to environment protection. And with the common usage of passenger elevator and technology development, Hengda Fuji combines advanced technology with passenger elevator which meets the EU EMC electromagnetic compatibility standards.

Passenger elevator gives the customers the best experience with the core of safety, convenience,comfort , health, and save more energy to protect environment , which have a bright future.