Residential Elevator in the Decoration Should Consider Different Age

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-06-28

When designing elevator decoration, first consider the use of the elevator, and then consider the decoration style of the building to consider the selection, processing, and installation of elevator decoration materials.

When selecting materials for decoration of the car, the hospital elevator must be able to prevent corrosion, because there are many patients in contact with the medical elevator, so it is necessary to disinfect the car frequently. The interior walls, floor, ceiling and armrest of the car will be exposed to some chemical agents, so anti-corrosion materials are needed to decorate the interior of the car. Secondly, it is necessary to make proper anti-collision buffer treatment for the front wall of the door sleeve of the hall door and the front wall of the car, so as to protect the door cover of the hall door and the front wall of the car. In addition, on the adornment style of the car, cannot let a patient feel coldness and fear, want to be able to reflect a kind of warm and comfortable feeling, make the patient can forget or alleviate the illness on the body temporarily.

Residential elevator in the decoration of more consideration is to adapt to different ages and different cultural quality of the crowd. Children playing in the car may collide with armrests or car walls. The old people may encounter difficulties in selecting the layer due to poor eye contact. People of low quality may smoke in the car and cause fire. A drunk may damage the car, the door and the steering wheel. In addition, residential elevators may be hit by furniture, bicycles and other items. So when decorating the residential stairs, the car wall should be decorated with some materials that can be cushioned, but not with wood and other inflammable materials. The buttons and floor indicators of the car's steering wheel should be of the right size and choose a more eye-catching color, taking into account their high anti-damage and post-damage safety.