Safety Precautions for Elevator Installation Process (7 Tips)

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-05-25

Many elevator manufacturers will provide you with the elevator to take care of the safety matters, of course, at, we also updated article, we have also introduced a similar matter, today in this article, Elevator Manufacturers - FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. will introduce you: Safety Precautions for Elevator Installation Process (7 Tips)

(1) Must keep in mind the concept of "safety first", from the ideological always maintain a high degree of vigilance.

(2) Into the construction site must wear a helmet, work wear appropriate work clothes and work shoes, not wearing bracelets, rings and other decorations. It is forbidden to play, tease and drink at work.

(3) Work on the hoist scaffolding, the upper and lower crawling should pay attention to firmly grasp the prison, each scaffolding in the middle of a steel pipe to take a two-piece scaffolding; unless some protective measures have been provided, when the work height of more than 2 When you are in danger of falling, you must wear a seat belt and fasten it on a firm object. When removing the scaffolding, the nails attached to the board must be removed or bent.

(4) At the top of each well hanging two lifelines, with a sufficient strength of the bracket fixed.

(5) Before the doors are not installed, you must set the fence at the reserve, the height of not less than 1 meter, and posted eye-catching dangerous mark, the bottom of the fence with about 150mm skirting board fixed.

(6) The work area and the surrounding area must be kept clean, at any time should prevent tripping or other damage. Keep a safe environment. In the room where the reserved hole is left, it shall be covered with wood or heavy objects to prevent the object from falling from the reserved hole after the movement of the covering. The load-bearing hooks in the equipment room must be assured.

(7) There should be enough lighting in the hoistway, and it is forbidden to use open flame.

(8) When using flammable, explosive and hazardous liquids, there must be sufficient air circulation, and there are protective measures and set fire equipment. Smoking and introduction of fire at the scene. Such as in a sealed place, and no ventilation, you must wear a licensed mask, anti-solution contact with the skin. Do not mix oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, etc. with these solutions to avoid explosion.

The above is a brief introduction to the safety precautions that need attention in the installation process. Of course, the elevator manufacturer will provide on-site installation for you, for example, fujihd. Therefore, you only need to do a brief understanding of these safety precautions.