Safety Precautions of Passenger Elevator Installation

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 17-12-13

We must keep in mind the concept of "safety first" and always keep a high degree of vigilance in our thinking. Into the construction site must wear a helmet, work wear proper work clothes and work shoes, can not wear bracelets, rings and other decorations. It is strictly forbidden to play at work, play amusing, drink alcohol. Work on the scaffolding of the hoistway. Pay attention to firm grip while climbing up and down the crawler. The middle of each scaffold should be paved with two layers of scaffolds with a steel pipe.

The work area and the surrounding area must be clean and protected from tripping or other damage at any time. Maintain a safe environment. In the engine room with reserved holes, it shall be fixed with wooden boards or covered with heavy objects to prevent the objects from falling into the hoistway from the reserved holes after the covering is moved. The load-bearing hooks in the machine room must be reliably guaranteed.

There should be sufficient lighting in the shaft and it is forbidden to use open flame lighting. When using flammable, explosive and harmful liquids, there must be adequate ventilation and protective measures and fire fighting equipment. Smoking and fire introduction are strictly prohibited at the scene. If there is no ventilation in the enclosed area, a respirator must be worn to prevent the solution from reaching the skin. Do not mix oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, etc. with these solutions to avoid explosion.

Without the quality inspection department acceptance of the passenger elevator, no staff should not be free to start the passenger elevator. After the end of work every day, it is necessary to check if any personnel remain in the hoistway, and if the tools and the unwanted articles are in good order. Check whether the electrical switch is off and the open flame is extinguished, meanwhile, ensure that the fire prevention equipment is in good condition. (18) Each site must have first aid kit.