Signs That Your Elevators in Fujihd Need Modernization

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-02-19

At Applied Elevator of Fujihd Elevator Supplier we are experts in the modernization of elevator systems no matter who manufactured or installed them. If your elevator, or elevators in Denver, are exhibiting any of the following signs of needing an overhaul, you might just save money in the long run by contacting us.

Elevators in DenverFrequent Downtime

Balky doors, worn out controls, and more frequent unscheduled service calls are the leading indicators that an elevator is in dire need of a modernization review. If the fees for unscheduled service calls are eating away at the maintenance budget, you may find that paying for a modernization can give you years of budget stability going forward.

As Applied Elevator of Denver is committed both to working with what you already have or installing new equipment that spares you specific manufacturer service contractual lock-in. Allowing us to inspect your current system and weigh the age of the elevator, the type and frequency of the past service calls and bills against the cost of a renovation could be very eye opening for you.

Machine Room Problems

Older systems have to work very hard compared to the efficiency gains realized by modern elevator systems. A common problem with older elevators in Denver also relates to our local altitude and temperature extremes. Air is already a poor conductor of heat and ours is thinner than most. Though it hardly seems noticeable on any one elevator call, over time, the machinery has had to work just as hard as designed but with passive cooling parameters that weren’t calculated with thinner air foremost in mind. As retained heat breaks down lubricants and wear sensitive parts faster than optimally cooled equipment, your elevator may seem sluggish.

Longer Car Travel and Wait Times

Another problem with older elevators is that the slowing down of the car’s responsiveness is so gradual that it becomes “normal.” The loss of travel speed or responsiveness is not always about a tired motor or hydraulic system either. Modern elevators rely upon solid-state microprocessor relays that are not subject to as much wear and tear as the electromechanical relays of the past.

While older relay systems can still be repaired to regain some efficiency, their eventual replacement is the only long-term solution to a slowed elevator. At that point, the cost between retrofitting just an electronic relay system versus modernizing the entire system becomes a close run decision that leans towards modernization.Elevator repairs or modernization can be a big budget item, and, as you, we don’t consider it unless multiple parameters are exceeded. Let us provide a free evaluation of your system so that you have all of the information you need to make such a large budget commitment.