Some safety advice from Escalator Company Fuji

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-06-22

Whether indoors or in the workplace, people in shopping malls or buildings will go to places where elevators and escalators will eventually be used. Escalators are a very safe means of transportation, But sometimes there are many dangerous behaviors when people are riding escalators. that often lead to accidents. The Escalator Company Fuji gave the following suggestions.

When boarding the escalator:

* Pay attention to the direction of movement of the steps and ensure that you carefully get on and off the car

* Be careful when wearing glasses when wearing glasses because they may give false images of where the steps are.

*Stabilize children by holding their arms or hands.

* Secure the small package securely with one hand and ensure that one hand always holds the armrest at all times

* Once on the escalator, be sure to grab the handrail immediately

* Do not board the escalator in the opposite direction

* Avoid placing electric scooters, off-road vehicles, luggage carts or bicycles on moving steps

* Keep clear steps and sides of loose clothing.

* Do not wear open-toe shoes, rubber shoes or sandals

* Please always keep clean on both sides of the escalator

Escalators should be regularly maintained:

This is not just the machines and working parts that experts can maintain or repair. Even interior trims can be repaired by these professionals. These include switches, frames, keys and buttons for people to use. Since these experts can usually maintain and repair escalators and moving walkways, they can also provide the necessary components and equipment necessary for their normal operation and reduce the operational failure rate of escalators. When an accident occurs, it is often too late. Therefore, maintenance is a very important task.

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