Some Safety Reminders Provided by the Elevator Manufacturers

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-08-10

Elevators and escalators are a special type of equipment provided by Elevator Manufacturers. Elevators are already an indispensable means of transportation in our lives, and thousands of people take elevators and escalators every day. Although the elevator is a safe device, there are still accidents. Therefore, it is also necessary to follow some safety procedures when using escalators and elevators. As follows:

One should always check the capacity of the elevator. And refrain oneself from getting into an elevator that is already at its capacity.

putting ones hand, feet or leg between the doors of elevator can prove to be a fatal step.

people using cranes and crutches should avoid taking the escalators.

heavy packages and goods should not be carried on escalators.•One should never try to stop the elevators door from closing.

One should always stand in the middle of the escalator step and not lean on the side.

ensuring shoe laces are properly tied before riding an escalator.

If you lose balance or the escalator suddenly stops, holding the armrest may prevent you from falling.

Fuji Escalator is designed to take care of your safety. All escalators have the following security features installed:

The armrests and moving steps are designed to move at the same speed to help people stay in balance.

The armrest extends a few feet at the entrance to help the passenger adjust to the correct speed before stepping on.

If the speed is too fast or too slow, the brake and closing device will start automatically.

Push one of the stop buttons on the top or bottom of the escalator into the armrest or floor in an emergency.

The floor of the elevator car needs to be cleaned and repaired daily, and due to traffic volume, it must be replaced more frequently than other floors. When replacing the floor, use a non-slip material and a non-flammable solution to repair or clean the cab. Floor and car interior maintenance is usually the responsibility of the owner.

Of course, it is also important to choose a professional elevator manufacturer. Here I recommend Fuji to you, our products are safe and reliable.