The Advantages of Hydraulic Freight Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-01-12

Hydraulic freight elevator working principle and main components. When the hydraulic freight elevator to work, first turn on the power, press the start button hydraulic power unit motor drive gear pump, hydraulic oil from the vane pump to form a certain pressure, the oil filter; Flameproof electromagnetic valve; Section Flow valve; pilot check valve; balance valve into the bottom of the cylinder, the cylinder piston upward movement, lifting heavy objects.

Hydraulic piston down the piston (both weight down), the hydraulic oil through the explosion-proof solenoid valve into the upper end of the hydraulic cylinder at the bottom of the oil back through the balance valve; check valve; throttle, flameproof Solenoid valve to return to the tank. In order to make the weight down smoothly, brake safe and reliable, set the return valve in the balance valve, balance circuit; maintain the pressure, the descent speed from heavy objects, the flow rate by the throttle , Control the speed of lifting.

To make the brake safe and reliable, to prevent accidents, the hydraulic freight elevator can increase the hydraulic check valve, that is, the hydraulic lock to ensure the safety self-locking in case of accidental burst of the hydraulic pipeline to prolong the service life.Hydraulic freight elevators are used by the working platform and the operation of them The electrical control system, lifting arm, operating mechanism, and hydraulic power unit as a whole.

Hydraulic freight elevator hydraulic transmission is the use of hydraulic components to achieve intermediate transmission of a transmission form, then what are its characteristics? Good adaptability. Its output torque and speed can vary with the external load changes to meet the requirements of the external load. Safe: When it is in service, the engine will continue to rotate without damage even if the external load is maximized to stop the turbine shaft. Speed regulation, buffering: Because it is a liquid for transmission medium, it can be carried out within a large range of variable speed, but also vibration, thus improving the smooth operation of equipment and life.

Its main disadvantage is the lower efficiency, usually beating the auxiliary device, the cost is higher than the average mechanical transmission. Anything has his shortcomings, but not enough to cover up his strengths! Famous Elevator Manufacturer - for you.