The Car Elevator Developed with Society

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 17-12-27

With the city's high-rise buildings, people can live higher and higher. Climbing the high stairs daily can feel very uncomfortable and tired. In order to facilitate people travel, elevator gradually into our horizons, and even become essential equipment skyscrapers.

The elevator is a motor-driven vertical conveyor with a box-shaped pod for passengers or cargo in multi-storey buildings. It also has a ladder-type elevator, the pedal mounted on the track to continue the movement, commonly known as automatic elevator. This is a fixed lift service for the designated floor. Therefore, freight elevator called freight elevator.

At present, there are mainly two types of car lifts widely used.

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Hydraulic car elevator. It occupies a place in the lower level building, relying on its safe, reliable and convenient room settings. Among them, many elevators have specially designed car capsules, and some even have an optional photo door system that is more suitable for use in automobiles.

Traction car elevator. Most cities in our country car ownership of the lift is still a traditional traction car elevator, this elevator is derived from the traction elevator, technology is mature, low cost, share a certain market share.

In the context of the increasing size of modern cities, car lifts for car service also have a bright future. In contrast, the traction car elevator is developed from the traditional traction-type freight elevator technology, at present basically to meet the needs of the three-dimensional modern city development, but in the long run, because the hydraulic car elevator that from Escalator Manufacturer - has the layout convenient, energy saving, environmental protection Features, to adapt to the future development trend of car lifts.