The China Elevator is Cleaned at Least Every 15 Days

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 17-10-23

With the rapid development of modern cities, a block of high-rise buildings where they stand, in order to transport a large number of personnel and materials, each building needs to be equipped with the China elevator such a vertical transport system. The elevator has become one of the necessary tools for the people to work and live. Each city, the use of the elevator will be more than 1000 units.

City Quality Supervision Bureau requirements, the use of the China elevator units should be responsible for the safety of the use of the elevator, and perform the following duties: the establishment of the elevator safety management agencies or equipped with elevator safety management personnel, at least one to obtain "special equipment operator card" Safety management personnel to bear the appropriate management responsibilities, record the daily operation of the elevator, establish and improve the safety management system. ; To determine a reasonable elevator running time, to strengthen the daily maintenance. The daily maintenance of the lift must be carried out by a licensed elevator installation, maintenance unit or elevator manufacturing unit. The China elevator shall be cleaned, lubricated, adjusted and inspected at least once every 15 days.

It is particularly noteworthy that the use of units should develop emergency rescue programs and operational procedures. In the event of failure of the elevator, in the absence of the corresponding security personnel in the case of security, to prohibit the implementation of the relevant trapped rescue work, to do a good job on the trapped in the stalemate of the work, and promptly notify the elevator maintenance unit. Elevator maintenance units received trapped after the protection of the phone, the city should be within half an hour to reach the scene, the suburbs should arrive in the scene within one hour to implement the rescue work.

In addition, the use of the elevator unit should obtain a safety inspection certificate before put into operation. The safety inspection certificate is valid for one year. Those who have not been inspected or tested unqualified elevator shall not be used. If the elevator is put into use or put into use within 30 days after the use of the elevator, the use unit shall go to the Municipal Administration of Quality Supervision Bureau special equipment for the relevant window for the use of the registration procedures, the elevator did not use the registration certificate shall not be used.

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