The Safety System in Elevator(that from Elevator Factory Fuji)

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With the advancement of science and technology, elevators have become an irreplaceable product in our lives. We need to use elevators to get to work, use elevators when going home, and use elevators to go shopping. So, we have to know a important question: “What safety System are included in my elevator?

There are many more explanations on how to use safety mechanisms in an elevator. It focuses on the specific elements which are useful to the safety of people using the elevators. There are many safety systems in elevators that are insured by high investment in technology which allows various manufacturing appliances must minimize failures.

There Are Several Safety Measures in Elevators Are-

-Emergency Alarm-

The alarm is one of the safety mechanisms used in the elevators.A battery operated emergency alarm is present in every elevator.
If someone is trapped inside the elevator then person press the emergency alarm and attract the attention.
Generally, it is used in the emergency situations. Some elevators are connected to telephones lines so they could pursue help them.
As regards that common operation of the Emergency alarm bell, it is noticed that emergency light automatically turns on when someone is trapped in the elevator.

-Emergency Stop-

This device is used to interrupt the operation of the elevator system. whenever elevator will not work the controls and stop during a power failure.
An emergency stop is a battery operated device that helps the elevators to come to the nearest floors.

-Door Lock-

The shaft in which the elevator moves is invalid. Passengers standing on any floor is protected from the inoperative moving of elevator with the landing door.The landing door is provided with mechanical as well as electrical safety.
Overload Sensor:
Every elevator is provided with overload sensors to monitor passenger load inside the elevator. In case the load is more than the rating potential, the elevator will give the alarm and will not take any order. The elevator automatically stops in this situation.

-Over Speed Detector-

Over speed, the detector is used to protect the elevator from high rated speed. It is compulsory for the elevators for all the elevators.
If elevators are moving 45% excess of designated speed then this will come to action to stop the elevator.
It is an essential block that holds the elevator in its place. In the very rare condition that breaking of ropes is also done.
These are the several safety measures that are used in the elevators.

-Emergency Battery-

Backup Power will activate many of the safety features described below. This system is rechargeable with an automatic recharging system that automatically works when normal power functions are not available

-Emergency Lowering Device-

In the event of a power failure, this device will be powered by the backup battery and will allow the passenger to choose a floor (only in the downward position). When the destination is reached the doors will open for the passenger to exit.
These safety system in elevators are assurance by fundamental high investment in technology, which allows manufacturing appliances must minimize failures.

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