The Structure of Passenger Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 17-12-11

Passenger elevator is one of the largest and most expensive machines people use regularly, but they are also the simplest. At its most basic level, the escalator is just a simple change on the conveyor belt. A rotating chain cycle pulls a series of stairs at a fixed rate, moving many people a short distance at a rapid rate.

The structure of the passenger elevator is very simple - just connect to the lift system compartment. Tied a rope to the box, you have a basic elevator. Of course, modern passenger and freight elevators are more sophisticated than this. They need sophisticated mechanical systems to handle the weight of the elevator car and its cargo. There is also a need for a control mechanism that enables passengers to operate the elevator and requires safety gear to keep everything running smoothly.

The most popular elevator design is a rope elevator. In a rope elevator, the car is raised and lowered by a tow rope instead of being driven from below. The rope is attached to the elevator car and surrounds a pulley. The pulley is just a groove with a circle. The pulley holds the hoisting ropes, so the ropes move as you turn the pulley.

Conveyor Escalators are one of the most commonly used escalators today. Conveyor lift system uses hydraulic cylinders to lift the car. The cylinder is connected to the fluid pumping system. Hydraulic system has three parts: a fuel tank, a pump and a valve. The pump pushes fluid from the tank into the tubing leading to the cylinder. When the valve is open, pressurized fluid will take the path of least resistance and return to the fluid reservoir. However, when the valve is closed, pressurized fluid is nowhere else to go except to the cylinder. As liquid collects in the cylinder, it pushes the piston up and lifts the elevator car.

In short, escalators play an important role in people's lives according to their advantages and applications. When you want to buy it, you should know what you need and choose the ideal escalator.