Three Major Links of Passenger Elevator Installation

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 17-10-27

After the installation and commissioning of the passenger elevator is completed, the internal acceptance is completed and the conditions are attached. According to regulations, the elevator does not allow the use of technical supervision bureau is not allowed to use, but usually when the elevator has been removed, the other work of the total packaging unit is not completed, the need to use the indoor elevator.

Elevator units and the total packaging unit signed an agreement, the elevator unit to arrange one person to open the elevator, the total packaging unit in accordance with the requirements of the elevator unit to use the elevator to bear the cost. After the completion of the project, a comprehensive inspection and maintenance. After the completion of the entire project, the elevator company transferred to the maintenance unit, the total package transferred to the property company management.

The first is the product quality of the elevator equipment, which requires the elevator manufacturer to protect the quality of its production; the elevator is a special equipment, with the production quality certificate of the production quality is usually no big problem, but the durability, stability will be difference.

Second, pay attention to the level of installation and commissioning process, the installation quality is very important, each elevator factory installation team are basically their own or long-term cooperation, and assessment, commissioning generally by the elevator factory responsible person.

Third, after-sales service, and now the elevator has a professional maintenance team responsible for the elevator factory and the property company signed a maintenance contract to ensure the continuity of the elevator factory work. Maintenance and management of reasonable and timely, to ensure the quality of the use of elevators. So the country as early as the early 90s by the Ministry of Construction issued a clear section of the provisions of the festival, the elevator products from the manufacturer "through train" service, that is, elevator manufacturers to produce their own elevator equipment warranty, installation commissioning, maintenance and so on.