Villa Elevator Should Be Designed for Fire Protection

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-06-21

What should be paid attention to in elevator production and installation? For elevators, safety, stability, and accident-free operation are its service tenets. Only the safe operation of elevators can ensure the safety of passengers and enhance the corporate image. What are the Fuji elevators doing during production and installation? With the development of economy, the number of elevators has also increased year by year. However, it has brought a lot of trouble to the people while bringing convenience. It is a very serious matter to have a fire in an elevator. Therefore, the fire performance of a villa elevator must be designed.

First of all, in the design of elevator cars, smoke-inducing fire sensors and longer-lasting lighting devices must be installed in the cars. The alarm devices must be easily found and touched by the passengers. More importantly, there must be a fire. No elevator ride sign.

Secondly, the elevator room design, the elevator room should have good ventilation, but also to ensure that electrical equipment and wires will not be damp, better install air conditioning to ensure that the environment is at a better temperature.

In the design of the elevator shaft and door opening, the elevator shaft should be set up independently, and flammable objects should not be placed inside. In addition to the openings and ventilation holes in the wall of the elevator shaft, no other holes should be provided, and the opening of elevator doors should be set at the bottom. The horizontal line should be slightly higher than the horizontal line outside the elevator car to prevent external water flow into the elevator shaft and cause fire.

The above is the fire performance of the villa elevator from elevator manufacturers should be designed to prevent the occurrence of fire from the source to ensure the personal safety of passengers. Fuji villa elevator really takes people’s safety as the first thing. Choose Fuji villa elevator, and we can give you more safe.