What Are The Characteristics Of Escalators Shared By Escalator Company

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 19-01-09

When decorating a shopping mall, a brake escalator will be used, so its position needs to be placed at the entrance position. After people enter the mall, they can directly use the escalator and go upstairs shopping. Therefore, its best position should be at the door position. In addition, it also needs to be set up at the center of the mall. As the mall will have fire exits and escalators, there will be at least three or so escalators in a shopping mall. In this way, it will be more reasonable when it is placed, and it will be humanized when it is used. Then follow the Escalator Company to see how the escalator in the mall can be designed to be more humanized.

In use, according to people's needs, when designing escalators, they do not need to be too large in size. According to the height of the mall, when choosing the size of escalators, they need to be kept in a certain space area, so that when decorating elevators, we need to put them in a proper position. Moreover, when selecting the size, you can select some elevators with larger length, so that when selecting the position, it will be more reasonable. We can show more effects to people through different effects. Especially when decorating elevators, it can also bring us a lot of conveniences. The role that can be played is very great, which makes people very satisfied. Therefore, when we use it, we need to combine his actual functions and effects, only in this way can we be more reasonable.

After choosing its width and length, it also needs to pay attention to beauty and beauty in design. In addition, the security of [ Jing ] also needs to be stronger, and there will be many styles when designing elevators. Like a shopping mall, you can choose the brand of a large manufacturer, which has higher safety and security. In addition, you should also be more gorgeous in its appearance design and pay attention to its function and effect. Therefore, it is of great practical value when used in shopping malls.