What ou Need to Know About Passenger Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 17-12-01

First of all, to determine the positioning of the building, followed by the determination of the flow of people, the third is to consider the waiting time, the fourth is to determine the passenger elevator speed and load capacity.

In safety, we must consider whether it meets the requirements of two-way safety, followed by the buffer form, the third is how to rescue after power failure.

The most up-to-date elevator choice is to go straight to the top within 30 seconds; the upscale building reaches the top within 40 seconds; the mid-range drive straight to the top within 45 seconds. Calculated according to this, you can use your building height divided by the speed can be the choice of speed.

The second is to determine the flow of people: In general, large office flow, so the elevator needs to be considered from the group control, from the elevator to consider the number and speed of the comprehensive needs; hotels generally use a combination of parallel and group control, it also To consider the number of hotel rooms and star standards. Low-level three-star following the general use of two parallel to meet the needs.

Due to the nature of office buildings and hotels are running, so you need to consider the choice of energy-saving elevator and security products.Passenger elevator in front of the domestic use of energy-saving passenger elevator can meet the 2.5M / S requirements, that is, upscale office if 90 meters below are sufficient. The hotel also can meet the 15-storey four-star hotel requirements below. Energy-efficient elevators are very important to the operating management company, saving about one-third of the power consumption of an average elevator.

Since the passenger elevator is not as good as the residential elevator, it must be decorated on the requirements, the general use of stainless steel car etching, you can also use the following 1.2M above different decoration. The first floor standard door layer is the French standard stainless steel, then the first floor of the passenger lift and car decoration match better. Passenger elevator layer door commonly used form the majority of customers choice.