Why Choose Panoramic Elevator for Your Building

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 17-11-15

The most prominent feature of panoramic elevator is that they are distinguished from other elevator modes in that one or several of the walls are made of glass.

So they provide you with visual pleasure. For the safety of users of panoramic elevators, these glazing should be useless or made of safety glass. Commercial centers, shopping centers, entertainment centers, hotel restaurants, large metro stations and railway stations mainly use panoramic glass.

They carry from 4 to 21 people. As the glass wall provides users with great visual enjoyment. Moreover, as the person / person can see the outside of the elevator car, they are more relaxed than others and are calmer to those who have the fear of elevators.

Another feature of the panoramic lift is the ability to mount both inside and outside the building. Therefore, this ability creates another advantage for the space within the building. Considering the construction posture, panoramic elevator model can be round, square, triangle and so on.

Panoramic elevators are those with one or more glass-sided elevators in the cabin. These cabins add a sense of luminosity and space. In general, this type of elevator is installed in a self-service glass structure so that passengers can see the outside.

In determining the size of the panoramic lift it must be taken into account that the weight of the glass is much greater than the weight of the standard plate. Therefore, the power required by the machine will increase. In any case, thanks to the development of our engineers, we can have low consumption panoramic elevators.

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