Why Choosing Panoramic Elevator from Escalator Factory Fuji

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-05-29

Fuji Escalator Factory has rich product varieties. We can satisfy diverse requirements from various users. We will give you advice and provide you with a special technical solution for people and goods transport, which will be our pleasure. The professional staff have many years of work experience and provide the correct work guarantee for our customers.

The reasons of choosing panoramic elevator from escalator factory - fujihd.

Elevator knows elevator is the most commonly used equipment in company, residential building and public facilities. The elevators, which complement elevator passenger lifts and cargo lifts, are used to deliver goods of varying weights, the last of which is the mobile operator. A special elevator is the Panoramic Elevator. The cab and lift are made of glass elements. In particular, all four walls are made of glass. This increases the appeal and adds to the aesthetic aspect. The panoramic elevator is mainly used for elegant hotels, restaurants and offices.

Drive type: there are different types of elevators available. We select the optimal driver to meet user needs, guidelines, legal terms and financial capabilities of investors.

The rope, the drive is through the transmission, finished the friction wheel. This operation is based on a rotating wheel moving the rope at the end of which is a fixed balance and a cab. The elevator is controlled by the microprocessor control system. A rotary driven elevator is the most popular because of its high efficiency (180 starting/h) and 1-2 m/s. In very high buildings, it is possible to use faster drives. They apply to a tall building, where a hydraulic lift is not applicable.

The hydraulic drive is through the hydraulic piston to lift the cabin. By creating pressure in the hydraulic system, the piston sets the cabin in the vertical motion, which results in the top of the cabin. The downward displacement of the cabin takes place by opening the valve and filling the tank. This type of driving application is low or moderate height building, low to moderate traffic. The advantage of the hydraulic lift is that it carries a heavy load because it has a capacity of 6,000kg.

Energy saving function

Direct landing——The efficiency of the elevator can be improved by the distance

Automatic turn off lighting and fan——Lighting and fan will cut off power automatically without any call or indication in 3 minutes.