Why Elevator Manufacturer Recommend Maintaining Elevators

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-08-16

The elevator transports a large number of people back and forth every day, so the daily maintenance and maintenance of the elevator's core structure is very important. Regular maintenance of the elevator can greatly reduce the occurrence of elevator failures. Below are the maintenance recommendations given in the Elevator Manufacturer.

First of all, we need to understand what the core structure of the elevator is, using a high-strength steel structure as the frame, the battery as the power supply device, and the hydraulic cylinder as the power device. Under normal circumstances, the rigid structure of the hydraulic ladder structure does not have any problem, and the most important hydraulic cylinder in the case of long-term use is often due to the wear of the seal or the hydraulic ladder or the internal leakage of the hydraulic cylinder cannot operate. This is a very serious problem. Other parts of the hydraulic ladder, such as battery power, steel and other issues can be repaired. Since the hydraulic components of the hydraulic components of the hydraulic cylinder are irreparable once damaged, the replacement cost is also very expensive. Therefore, in daily use, pay attention to the daily maintenance of the elevator, maintain the hydraulic cylinder as planned, and clean the hydraulic cylinder.

The wire rope is the load component in the elevator. The weight of almost all elevators and the quality of the wire rope will directly affect the safety and safety of the elevator.

The use and maintenance of the wire rope is an effective maintenance of the elevator wire rope after the installation of the elevator. First, the wire rope should be inspected in time. The condition of the elevator wire rope is directly related to the safety of the equipment and passengers. It must be given enough attention and should be carefully observed and carefully handled.

The power board and power switch of the computer room should meet the required specifications, the installation position is reasonable, firm, and the marking is perfect. The laying of the cable trough in the engine room should be reasonable and standard.

In order to maintain the physical conditions of the elevator:

keep clean.

Check and repair internal damage.

Check the signage and repair if necessary.

The floor of the elevator car needs to be cleaned and repaired daily, and due to traffic volume, it must be replaced more frequently than other floors. When replacing the floor, use a non-slip material and a non-flammable solution to repair or clean the cab.

If you have already done the above, then please keep it, which will greatly extend the life of your elevator.