Why is the Elevator Manufacturers Fuji's Elevator Safe

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-08-10

Elevators are much safer than stairs and may slip or fall from the stairs. Elevators purchased from Elevator Manufacturers Fuji are the best elevators. There is no such opportunity.

The probability of an elevator accident is almost zero because all necessary safety equipment and measures are integrated into the elevator, such as emergency alarms, door sensors and bumpers in case of drops. With all these safety measures, your elevator cannot cause an accident.

Fuji has set up many safety devices for the elevator. All elevators in Fuji Elevator have door sensors so that passengers do not get stuck between the doors when boarding or leaving the elevator. These door sensors are very important because the person stuck between the doors can be seriously injured, so it is a very important and critical factor for the safety of the passengers. In the case of a fall, there is a buffer in the pit for the safety of the passenger, so there is no need to panic. With Fuji Elevator, you can rest assured that you are in the safest place and that you will be safe in the elevator. All Fuji elevators are equipped with emergency alarm switches to help alert maintenance personnel and engineers in the event of a sudden stop or paper jam. These personnel are skilled and ensure that passengers are rescued without scratches.

Fuji will also conduct a detailed inspection when installing the elevator. When the construction use inspection, the inspection should be carried out before the elevator is released, and the construction personnel can use the elevator. The installer should call the setup check time. All work must be done at the time of installation, except for fire recalls and emergency communications within the elevator. During operation, the elevator must be equipped with a trained operator on the elevator. The operator should provide two-way communication in an emergency. Construction lifts should be re-inspected every not less than 3 months. The final inspection of the elevator, including fire recalls and emergency communications, should be carried out prior to the establishment of the residence permit.

Regular inspection of the elevator system is important to check that the system is properly maintained and to determine suitable components for modernization. Proper maintenance alone is not enough. Elevator system reviews can be performed by internal personnel or elevator professionals and should be performed more frequently than maintenance or inspection.

Fuji Elevator has completed all of the above work, so our elevators are very safe and you can choose our products with confidence.