Why Passenger Elevators from Elevator Manufacturers Fuji are Safe

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-08-11

The passenger elevator is the main product of the Elevator Manufacturers and it can only carry passengers. These elevators usually weigh between 500 and 3000 kg. These two types - electro-hydraulic, can be moved to level 8. These can reach speeds of 200 - 500 feet per minute. On the tenth floor of the building, gearless elevators can also operate at the same speed, while the ten floors above the elevator can travel at speeds of 2,000 feet per minute. These passenger elevators are used in small buildings such as domestic or large buildings. These residential elevators are slow to operate and have poor carrying capacity, but the passenger elevators installed in large buildings have higher carrying capacity and faster inter-floor speeds.

The elevator is fully equipped with state of the art technology. These elevators are helpful for people with physical problems and the elderly, and there is plenty of room for wheelchairs to prevent people from moving. Safety features include door lock interlock system, manual door lock, telephone, security camera, air conditioner, etc. These elevators have shorter waiting times and downtimes. If these lifts, the brakes drop the least, the phone has a certain guarantee. Guest elevators require less maintenance than other elevators.

Fuji elevator pay attention to the topic of safe and reliable. The main engine transports the working oil lifting column to push the car up, relying on the self-weight of the car to open the valve, the car naturally descends, the energy is saved and there is no concern about the loss of the wire rope. The bottom of the pit bears the weight and has high earthquake resistance. And the operation is safe and reliable. The load is easy: the structure is simple, and the 50T load can be safely and easily lifted by adjusting the diameter and number of the plunger.