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  • FUJIHD Bangladesh agency info

    FUJIHD Bangladesh agency info: Express elevator Ltd 447, Road #31 mohakhali DOHS,Dhaka,Bangladesh


  • How to Choose the Right Elevator

    Elevators have become more and more popular in the past few years because of the soaring number of multi-story buildings. However, many people do not know their options in elevators, so when they are in need of a purchase, it becomes a bit overwhelmi...


  • Villa Elevator Should Be Designed for Fire Protection

    What should be paid attention to in elevator production and installation? For elevators, safety, stability, and accident-free operation are its service tenets. Only the safe operation of elevators can ensure the safety of passengers and enhance the c...


  • Escalator manufacturer Tell you How to Run House Elevator

    China house elevators are stationary lifting conveyors used in high-rise buildings. They have a passenger-carrying car that runs between floors at a vertical or inclined rail angle of less than 15 °. Currently manned elevators are computer-controlled...


  • Escalator manufacturer Fujihd (Main Components of Elevator)

    People often use elevators in their life, and the competition in the elevator industry is fierce. Huzhou hengda fuji as an excellent escalator manufacturer in China, It also attaches great importance to the research of this industry market, especiall...


  • Different between moving walking and escalator

    Horizontal or tilt Angle is not more than 12 ° direction transportation continuous conveyor. The structure is similar to the escalator, mainly consisting of two parts: the road surface and the armrest. The rated speed of the automatic pavement should...