Different between moving walking and escalator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 17-10-18

Horizontal or tilt Angle is not more than 12 ° direction transportation continuous conveyor. The structure is similar to the escalator, mainly consisting of two parts: the road surface and the armrest. The rated speed of the automatic pavement should not exceed 0.75 m/s. Automatic sidewalks should not be less than the width of 580 mm, and no more than 1100 mm, the slope Angle is not more than 6 ° moving walking, allows for a larger width.

Automatic sidewalk is characteristic of both can satisfy the passenger volume is big, and can satisfy the shopping in the supermarket trolley moving back and forth frequently, therefore its applicable object is mainly all kinds of super market and with the similar situation, can make you really understand to go upstairs and downstairs gets feeling.

Escalator is a means of transport by means of transport. The escalator consists of a ladder and an armrest. Escalator width is divided into three 1 meters 0.8 meters 0.8 meters, running Angle generally 27.3 °, 30 °, 35 °. When the inclination Angle of escalator is not greater than 30 ° rated speed should not be more than 0.75 m/s, slope Angle is greater than 30 ° and no more than 35 ° rated speed should not be more than 0.50 m/s.

The escalator is a continuous operation, unlike elevator passengers waiting for the arrival of the car, so the total load of escalators is much higher. In places where the flow is high and the vertical distance is not long, such as shopping malls and stations, escalators are usually used.

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