Different Choice of Home Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 17-11-29

When it comes to home elevator from Escalator Manufacturer - fujihd.net, there are a variety of different finishes and options that you can choose to equip with your home elevator. All our home elevators come standard with features such as LED lighting, wood veneer finishes and room space applications. There are 3 variations of these above functions that make up the major difference between the elevators of your choice. The main difference is the style of the door that you choose on the elevator cab and lobby stairs, listing 3 of the main options we have for building your home elevator.

All our standard home lift kits are equipped with a manual accordion door. This option provides the elevator with a manual accordion door on the elevator cab and a revolving door on the hall door equipped with a safety interlock. Manual doors have a variety of finishes, including veneer, clear vinyl and aluminum.

Our hybrid is equipped with an automatic two-speed door in the elevator cab that matches the swing door on the lobby door, just like the manual door option. Our 2-speed doors and fully customizable speed settings include a lacquered primer, stainless steel (trim or brushed) as well as wood veneer matching your interior cab finish or finish in your home's wood. The OLS 2-speed door is the best home elevator door on the market and can not be matched.

When it comes to residential elevator options, our fully automated model is the essence of the crop. With our two-door system for landing on the cab and home lobby, it is unbeatable for maximum ease of use and high-end luxury look.