Deputy Mayor of Huzhou City Arrived Hengda Fuji Elevator to Research Guidance


March 28 morning, Huzhou City Vice Mayor Dong Lixin researched and guided in Hengfu Group Hengda FUJI Elevator located in Science and Technology Park in Lianshi town Nanxun District. Hengfu Group Chairman and Chairman Qian Jiangming, Deputy General Manager Ding Liuxiu, internal control director Wu Kai accompanied by reception.


Vice-mayor Dong Lixin first came to the multi-functional exhibition hall, asked in detail the development process of Hengfu Group Hengda Fuji elevator, and related intelligent manufacturing, security components, car display area, high-tech product display area of the details of the consultation And understand. Subsequently, vice mayor Dong Lixin came to the intelligent production workshop, deputy general manager Ding Liuxi introduced some details of intelligent manufacturing, as well as in process improvement, "machine substitutions" and other achievements. During the visit to the test center, Vice Mayor Dong Lixin put forward hope that for the early to enter the ranks of national laboratories, good product testing and testing work to provide users with more secure and comfortable elevator products


At the forum, Heng Fu Group chairman and president Qian Jiangming on the development of the enterprise philosophy, brand building, research and innovation investment, talent pool and training and other related details made a report. Deputy Mayor Dong Lixin said that enterprises need to do big and strong scientific and technological innovation and personnel training, but also inseparable from the enterprise in R & D investment, the market control, installation and after-sales service and other details of the effort. Hengda Fuji achievements in recent years is obvious to all, hope Hengfu Group Hengda Fuji continue to increase R & D investment, improve product mix, and continuously enhance the core competitiveness of products; continue to strengthen the manufacturing sector at the same time, further development and installation, Maintenance and other services, and constantly extend the industrial chain, improve product added value.

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