Fujihd Elevator Acquires Five Awards


On February 14, in the Nanxun Industrial Economy & Technology Innovation Conference, Hengda Fujihd Elevator Co., Ltd. acquired the Nanxun “New Cattle Award” (No. 1) and the “Top Ten Revenue Industrial Enterprises of Nanxun District Award” (No. 3). In addition, the company was rated as advanced industrial development enterprise (ranked fourth), advanced service and trade enterprise (ranked first), and advanced exportation enterprise (ranked sixth). Among them, Hengda Fujihd has been awarded for "New Cattle Award" for three consecutive years, thereby it was officially awarded for "Permanent New Cattle" this time! A gold cattle, stands both for honor and status, as well as for the outstanding reputation of the enterprise. Besides, strict criterion and standards, with regard to the sales revenue of the enterprise, the tax payment, the industrial technical improvement investment and so on, were set for the election of this award. With the achievement of these awards, Hengda Fujihd became the biggest winner in this conference. Also, it brought encouragement to Hengda Fujihd at the beginning of a new year.


The trophy of “New Cattle Award”


In the awarding ceremony of “New Cattle Award”, Mr. Lizhong Ye - the secretary of Nanxun District and the director of the NPC Committee of Nanxun District gives the award to Hengda Fujihd Elevator Co., Ltd., and Mr. Zhenhua Qian - the general director of Hengda Fujihd accepts the award.


In the awarding ceremony of “Top Ten Revenue Industrial Enterprises of Nanxun District Award”, Mr. Lizhong Ye - the secretary of Nanxun District and the director of the NPC Committee of Nanxun District (seventh from left) along with Mr. Jianding Xia - the mayor of Nanxun District (fifth from left) and other leaders give awards to the awarded enterprises, Mrs. Yue Tang - the marketing manager of Hengda Fujihd (sixth from right) accepts the award.

At the meeting, Mr. Zhenhua Qian, the General Manager of Hengda Fujihd Elevator Co., Ltd. made a statement on behalf of the company. He said, in 2015, under the right leadership of the government and the great support from all governmental departments, Hengda Fujihd strove to adapt to the new economic condition to innovatively develop the company, so the company was in steady development. In 2015, the company's elevator sales firstly exceeded 10,000 units, achieving an output value of over CNY 1 billion, increased 10.8% compared to last year, with nearly CNY 100 million tax pay, increased 25.3% on a year-on-year basis. In terms of exportation, the self-support exportation value was about USD 20 million, increased 53% compared to last year! Under the good development trend of the company, Mr. Qian stated out that their goal in 2016 is to achieve CNY 1.5 billion output value, with CNY 200 million tax payment and USD 30 million self-support exportation value. He put forward the main idea - "catch the opportunity, promote several measures simultaneously, improve the main business”. Besides, he emphasized that the constructing project of Hengfu Group will be carefully designed, well organized, harmoniously planed, and scientifically constructed to ensure the project be put into use at May this year, so as to create benefits as soon as possible. In the large manufacturing center, there has 150 meter high testing tower that equipped with 10m/s high-speed elevator. Besides, there are 4 international advanced automatic production lines in the 60,000㎡ manufacturing center. The larger manufacturing center and broader development space provide strong basis for the development of Hengfu Group. The company is ready to go!

In addition, Mr. Qian pointed out that the company will continue to intensify independent innovation, and to accelerate the development of new products. Hengda Fujihd has always adhered to the concept of scientific and technological innovation, and firstly launched the first solar elevator in China, exceeded most traditional enterprises. The company now has nearly 150 patents for inventions and utility models, and the newly added provincial level technical center in 2015 will add more fresh blood to the enterprise to help it achieve technological innovation. At the same time, the company also focus on personnel training, and it signed strategic cooperation agreement with Zhejiang Special Inspection Institute and Guangdong Special Inspection Institute, providing new and all-around platform for the company’s technology research and development, technical guidance, and personnel training. This year, Hengfu Group will also speed up the pace of capital market development, strive to become bigger, stronger, and better, and step into capital market as soon as possible.

In 2015, Hengda Fujihd not only achieved great results in elevator sales and economic benefit, but also enforced its brand and cultural construction. For example, it was awarded the titles of "No.6 Pillar Enterprise of National Elevator Industry", " Top 10 Most Influential Brands of National Elevator Industry", “No. 4 Most Competitive Brand of National Elevator Industry", “Harmonious Labor Relation Enterprise” (the only one in Huzhou), and so on. The company has achieved high recognition and trust from the market and customers.


Mr. Zhenhua Qian - the General Manager of Hengda Fujihd Elevator Co., Ltd. is making speech

In the new year, Hengda Fujihd Elevator will continue to focus on the elevator development, and put efforts to contribute to the society - “struggle fiver years, rebuild Nanxun”.


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