Fujihd Elevator Company is Awarded the Titles of New Cattle Enterprise


On February 17, 2017, the Nanxun District Committee and District Government held the District Leading Cadres Conference. The secretary of Nanxun District - Jianding Xia, the deputy secretary and acting warden of the district - Weidong Yang, the chairman of the CPPCC of Nanxun District - Zhixiang Ma, the deputy secretary of the district and secretary of the politics and law committee - Changjun Xu, and other related leaders attended the conference. The conference mainly summarized the district’s industrial and economic operation situation in 2016, and awarded those advanced models.

In the commendation meeting, Hengda Fujihd Elevator was awarded as “2016 New Cattle Enterprise”, which honor Hengda Fujihd has successively achieved for four years, and the General Manager - Zhenhua Qian was invited to accept the prize. The successive acquiring of this award is the government’s recognition and praise of Hengda Fujihd Elevator’s technological innovation and social service. During the conference, Hengda Fujihd Elevator also achieved the titles of “Top 10 Revenue Indsutrial Enterprise in Nanxun District”, “Advanced Service Trade Enterprise”, “10 Million Revenue Enterprise”, etc.

In recent years, Hengda Fujihd Elevator depended on technological innovations, regarded social contribution as its responsibility and talent cultivation as its power source, has achieved outstanding achievements in both domestic and foreign elevator industries. In particular, Elevator Company Offer Different Types of Elevators positively responded to the nation’s requirements for security housing and public rental housing construction, provided humanized, high-quality elevator products for a large amount of livelihood projects, and gained great trusts and praises from different government delegations. Hengda Fujihd Elevator will keep improving, so as to provide customers with more comfortable, safer, and faster elevator products.

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