Fujihd Elevator Company Won the Laurel of Industrial Design of Huzhou Enterprise


Industrial design is the forerunner industry in the development of manufacturing, which is a highly value-added link in the industrial chain, among which development level has become an important sign to measure the industrial competitiveness. Accelerating the development of industrial design has significant meaning for improving the creative industries, developing social demand, creating self-owned brand, increasing added product value, enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises, speeding up transformation of the pattern of economic development. According to the file “Affirm of Industrial Design Center Management Measure (trial)" (Hu Industry [2012] No. 2), declared by the company R&D department and recommended by the county competent department of industrial, the municipal industrial design industry development work leading group reviewed and decided that Fujihd elevator co., LTD. industrial enterprises as Huzhou Industrial Enterprises Design Center.

Along with the development of science and technology, the advance of social civilization, people pay close attention to safe, effective and cultural creative elevator. Thus, the use of industrial design, building self key products have become the key to the elevator industry and enterprise development. Industrial design is the most active power for a company’s market power, which determine the future development possibility of enterprises (industry). In view of this, our company set up industrial design center with core leadership of general manager as early as 2008. In the industrial design center, there are 25 designers and among these, there are 20 with a bachelor or higher degree, and 18 people have a Intermediate title or above, accounting for above 70% of Professional design personnel.Over the years, under actively cooperation of company leadership and various departments, we effort to study practice scientific development concept and actively implement the policy and planning for the development of industrial design center, strictly abide by the relevant systems and regulations, improve the work efficiency, change the style of work,seriously do management coordination among the whole process of design project.With the successful research and development a of a series of new products, our company has been rated as , National High-tech Enterprise, Zhejiang Province High-tech Enterprise R&D Center, Zhejiang Province High-tech SMEs, Huzhou City Technological Progress Award, Zhejiang Province Enterprise Technology Center and a series of honorary titles.

Through constant technology innovation of industrial design centers and production process of the reform, Products of Fuji Elevator Company become more and more popular with the customers, enterprise sales trend year by year.Therefore, the enterprise's contribution to the country is increasing year by year, two years in a row to achieve nanxun district people's government to the financial contribution of third prize, "new enterprise award", for three consecutive years of production, sales, profits tax, export economic indicators such as average annual growth rate is about 30%, for the national economy, the sustainable development of local economy and enterprises made a large contribution, and domestic and international market share is gradually increasing.Our company has already improved and expanded the occupancy and brand influence. We are try to make every customs experience the humanization and design philosophy of Fujihd elevator.

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