Fujihd Elevator Company Won the Title of 2016 Huzhou Industry Three Strong


Recently, the 2016 annual Huzhou industrial "three strong" (strong quality, strong standards, strong brand) announced enterprise confirmation list was published, among which Fujihd elevator co., LTD. is one of them. As is known, this year, Nanxun only has seven companies on the list.

After nearly 30 years of accumulation and precipitation, Fujihd elevator is one of the industrial leading enterprises in product quality, standard establishment, brand construction and promotion. Company established a perfect quality control system from raw materials into delivery outbound of finished product. We have a team to be responsible for all the process, and accurate to the special persons responsible management to ensure that every elevator conform to customer’s satisfaction. For the establishment of the standard, from leadership to the frontline staff embalm the concept of "standard" in mind. The size of a component, a route of control system, even the workshop waste piled up neat,etc., have a perfect standard system for employees to referent and strictly implemented. Over the years, with the concept of "standard" management mode, Fujihd product quality successfully through inspection of market, get the recognition of customer and win the alike of domestic and foreign merchants.

For brand building, Fujihd established good relations of cooperation with domestic existing mainstream media, positively broadcast enterprise positive energy and promote enterprise culture construction. We actively organize domestic and foreign relevant personnel to participate in the professional knowledge of elevator exhibition and strive to make Fujihd, as a loud brand, perfectly bloom in every corner of the world.

China elevator company-fujihd elevator will continue to increase the control on the quality of products, the standardized management of investment and pay attention to the brand promotion. We believe Fujihd elevator will win more customers praise with more excellent products experience, more nuanced service concept!

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