Fujihd Elevator Successfully Acquired “Zhejiang Quality Manufacturing Goods” Authentication I


The remarkable G20 summit was vigorously opened. On the other hand, on the 2016 “Zhejiang Quality Manufacturing Goods” list that published by Zhejiang Economic and Information Commission, Hengda Fujihd based on its new invention - a microcomputer-controlled safe anti-malfunction escalator was listed on the list, occupying the forefront among the only four local enterprises that being listed on the list, became the winner once again. Why saying “once again”? Because this was not the first time this award has been awarded by Hengda Fujihd. Last year, the company has once achieved this award for their "HD High-speed safe microcomputer-controlled passenger elevator". Last year's vertical lift and this year’s escalator fully reflected that Hengda Fujihd has strong R&D capacity in all kinds of elevators and lifts. Besides, the two consecutive embraces of this authentication further provided Hengda Fujihd solid strength to keep improving.


The Background of “Zhejiang Quality Manufacturing Goods”

In recent years, Nanxun further implemented the “four changes and three famous” project, through introducing intelligentized production equipment and advanced technology to improve the capability of independent innovation of all industries, so as to speed up “intelligent Nanxun” construction.

"Zhejiang Quality Manufacturing Goods", on the basis of relevant requirements, is applied by enterprises, and after the first trail by civic relevant industry associations, is then comprehensively evaluated by the provincial Economic and Information Commissions, provincial Development and Reform Commissions, and experts from provincial Departments of Finance. There were 246 products be selected as Zhejiang quality manufacturing goods, with 4 in Nanxun District, one of which was produced by Hengda Fujihd !

At the same time, the passenger lift products listed in the catalog of "Zhejiang Quality Manufacturing Goods" enjoy certain preferential policies and financial incentives in terms of government procurement and public resource transactions, government investment and subsidies, and state-owned enterprise investment projects. This time, the four selected products will further enhance the market share and brand competitiveness of the enterprises in Nanxun District .



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