Fujihd elevator successfully acquired “Zhejiang Quality Manufacturing Goods” authentication II


Hengda Fujihd Elevator Co., Ltd. developed microcomputer control safe anti-malfunction escalator, being verified by the state-level scientific and technological innovation units - Zhejiang Science and Technology Information Research Institute, has been approved that the escalator has the following high performances: 1. Monitoring according to Japanese elevator speed, intelligentized operation, safe and reliable. 2. Using Sweden SIMON converter, self-compiled HDPLC program, so the escalator has high sensitivity and intelligent photoelectric fault monitoring features. 3. The chain of the escalator adopts heat treating mesh belt four-steps-gradual-quenching process, along with methanol decomposition protective aerosols, so as to ensure the strong toughness and high strength of the chain. 4. Using “U” cross-matching design between the comb plate and pedal. 5. Using automatic arc extinction protection device. This project has also won the “Huzhou Scientific and Technological Progress Third Prize”.


Hengfu Group “Hengda Fujihd Elevator Co., Ltd.” successfully being listed on the “Zhejiang Quality Manufacturing Goods” catalog this time, showed the strong R&D capacity and dedicated innovative spirit of the enterprise. Further, it verified the nation’s recognition and support to those excellent enterprises, who has proprietary intellectual property rights, high technical content, superior product performance, and good economic benefits, such as Hengda Fujihd. Besides, being an executive member of China Elevator Association, Hengda Fujihd will continue to uphold the “elaborate working”spirit to contribute to the elevator industry.


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