Fujihd Provide High Performance China Elevator and Escalators for This Project


Taiwan Shilin Sleepless Town project of Shangyi Square in Tianshui, Gansu is an important point of new town construction in Taizhou, which is also a important focus of expanding urban space, reshaping urban landscape, an important point of carrying on the city function and constructing modern cities. On the process of accelerating the the project of reforming old town and starting Taizhou new town construction, it will fill Qinzhou’s economic construction with new energy.

The presence of Taiwan Shilin Sleepless Town project of Shangyi Square will be a new lightspot of Qinzhou’s economic development, which has important meaning for flourishing the economic culture of Tianshui and improving the quality of city life. After the project, it will become a gathering place of culture, business, travel and entrepreneurship, where has most culture brands, most large-scale repast, most abundant entertainment and most sound life experience. It is the new landmark and new centre of health night culture of Southeastern Gansu. It will effectively expand development space of center city for new city construction of Qinzhou, which will also optimize the function layout of industry, resident and ecology and strengthen radiation impetus ability and regional competitiveness of central urban area. It will provide important supporting for construct strong economic zone.


Taiwan Shilin Sleepless Town of Shangyi Square is developed and built by Tianshui Yifeng Real Estate co., LTD. It is a large-scale commercial complex, which is managed uniformly by Shangyi Group and Taibei Shilin Tourism Development Association. It is the second in Mainland China and the first demonstration project of cross-strait culture, business, travel and entrepreneurship. This project has total investment 1 billion yuan and a total construction area of about 11,000 square. It is a big life, culture, business and entrepreneurship experience centre which has Dining, shopping, leisure, entertainment and culture.

Fujihd provide 49 High performance china elevator and escalators for this project. It provide a thorough elevator solution for this project based on its perfect product design idea, humanized product performance experience and Intelligent product characteristics.

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