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Nanxun is known as the "hometown of Chinese elevator", the whole China Elevator from FUJIHD elevator factory in 2016 annual output of nearly 10 million units, accounting for about 50% of the province, the country more than 10%. Hengfu Group since its inception in 1987, 30 years, continue to focus on R & D investment, continue to increase technological transformation, the market position continues to increase, the rapid expansion of partners, financial contribution with a new high. In 2016, Hengfu Group continued to maintain a good momentum of development, annual sales of nearly 10,000 units, turned over to tax nearly 100 million yuan, for four consecutive years was named Nanxun District "new as new cattle" enterprises.


Hengfu Group CEO Qian Zhenhua pointed out that 2016 sales exceeded 10,000 mark with an increase of about 10%, export growth of up to 50%. On this basis, the Hengfu Group has also increased the Internet of things and SIM cards a year of free traffic, the operation of each area of the elevator real-time monitoring. 2017, Hengfu Group will be mutually beneficial and mutually beneficial to achieve the sales target of 15,000 elevators.

Hengfu Group reached a consensus: knowledge crisis, fine quality, drop the wrong, excellent service, ground communication, take a single, seeking expedition. Group headquarters has moved into four new plant and full operation, we always believe that to create a good new Hengfu business card, will greatly benefit the future of the road.

Hengfu Group, general manager of the elevator operation Cui Jun summed up the direction of its operations team: quality-based, cost is the key, efficiency is protection. Not meet the quality of customer requirements, everything will be out of the question, the quality includes product quality and quality of work, and the operation team is more important is the quality of work, quality problems in the final analysis is the human problem, improve the work processes and systems, choose the best way Is an effective strategy. Reduce operational costs, work responsibilities and rights at the same time decentralization, reduce the error is the three magic weapon to reduce costs. Efficient process, high-quality workforce, the effective implementation of management is to protect the efficiency of the fundamental way.

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