How to Confirm Lift Rotary Encoder Failure Quickly


Elevator phenomenon has not run smoothly when the maintenance costs of the trip a lot of effort to go a lot of detours eventually found to be due to the rotary encoder: 9 Several photoelectric sensor hole closure caused by dust after cleaning the fault eliminated.

An elevator carrying empty car safety gear linkage test after a governor appeared abnormal phenomenon, after the election elevator starter layer about 50mm stopped crawling, I think, since the elevator has a running condition, and no other obvious abnormalities phenomenon, then it is surely a rotary encoder is a problem. The last to find out why it really is a rotary encoder and the computer is connected to the phenomenon of virtual access.

In actual operation, the usual elevator, the elevator malfunction caused by the rotary encoder it is not a minority, it is also quite cumbersome checks, sometimes Although the investigation but still not reassuring.

So I will introduce to you a simple way to confirm rotary encoder failure, can be clearly seen from the drive regulating system diagram, it is was because the rotary encoder makes the computer a drive between an electric motor. Constitute a closed loop speed control system. This solid if there is a problem turn encoder feedback signal is not normal is bound to affect the normal operation of the motor.

If at this point we simply rotary encoder feedback disconnection - become open-loop control, motor if it is capable of running fast now normal state, then you can set the fault does have an elevator on a rotary encoder, or should at Zhu actively look for other aspects of fault. This is to confirm the rotary encoder faults.

Elevator industry maintenance personnel in their work often encounter a variety of phenomena, if careful investigation and analysis, good at summing improve, given the future work will provide a lot of shortcuts.

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