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FUJI is a leading global Elevator Manufacturer. A double-deck elevator is a revolutionary product designed such a way that two cabins of an elevator are attached on top of one another.

An elevator is an enclosed car that moves in a vertical shaft between the multi-story floors of a building carrying passengers or freight.

All elevators are based on the principle of the counterweight, and modern elevators also use geared, electric motors and a system of cables and pulleys to propel them. The world's most often used means of mechanical transportation, it is also the safest. The elevator has played a crucial role in the development of the high-rise or skyscraper and is largely responsible for how our cities look today. It has become an indispensable factor of modern urban life.

FUJI's dedicated lab for Schindler is based in China and forms an essential part of the company's R&D efforts. This includes creation of complex algorithms as well as hosting of various simulators of FUJI elevators.

This enables passengers on two consecutive floors to use the elevator simultaneously. The doors of either elevator can be kept closed in cases where a particular floor is not being served.

FUJI has designed an efficient load-measurement system, positioning of the deck and managed exceptions such as building sway by high winds, a press release issued here said.

The company has also successfully provided an end-to-end array of development, enhancement and testing services which ensures that the product conformed to the highest safety and technical excellence standards followed by Schindler, the release said.

Here is a typical problem: A passenger on the sixth floor wants to descend. The closest car is on the seventh floor, but it already has three riders and has made two stops. Is it the right choice to make that car stop again? That would be the best result for the sixth-floor passenger, but it would make the other people's rides longer.

For people, these are mathematical problems with no one optimum solution. In the real world, there are so many parameters and combinations that everything changes as soon as the next rider presses a button. In a building with six elevators and 10 people trying to move between floors, there are over 60 million possible combinations—too many, she says, for the elevator's computer to process in split seconds.

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