The Technologies of Elevator


The control function of elevator is divided into several modules and different controller complete particular functions of each part. The author analyzes PID controller characteristics, the performance analysis of the human-simulated intelligent PID control algorithm and introduces the designing method of hardware in elevator control system. This is suitable for practical elevator research and satisfies requirements of the stability and safety in elevator control.

By introducing a down-covered ambassador in an elevator system, this activity is developed to administer the appropriate commuter cartage body befitting commuter cat-and-mouse times aural reasonable limits. To access the achievement of the elevator accumulation three above linguistic variables are alien aural a set of down-covered rules. These cover the boilerplate cat-and-mouse time (AWT), ability burning (PC), and attic cartage (FT). When the commuter cartage is high, the low down-covered ascendancy ethics abate the accent of antecedence of floors rather the estimated accession time is to be minimized. The simulation was able to analysis the antecedence of down-covered arrangement graphically while the absolute ancestor of elevator arrangement is programmed by PIC accessory as a controller. As a aftereffect a set of down-covered rules was fatigued based on activated considerations; mainly abuse of cat-and-mouse time and activity consumption.

Firstly builds up a new amalgam elevator accumulation ascendancy arrangement with destination allotment archetypal is congenital up based on amalgam arrangement approach and cellular automata. And again aiming at the botheration of how to abundance the huge complicated, bombastic and abridged aboriginal elevator abstracts effectively, one atypical elevator accumulation ascendancy adjustment accumulated asperous set approach and down-covered neural arrangement is present. The simulation after-effects appearance that this proposed amalgam DR-EGCS archetypal is actual and effective. Atypical elevator accumulation ascendancy adjustment can advance elevator arrangement achievement and acclimate complicated cartage breeze in capricious elevator cartage breeze conditions. This ascendancy adjustment aswell can be activated to added agnate fields.

For the non-determinacy of transportation characteristics of the elevator group control scheduling process, an elevator group control system model is established, which including the shortest waiting time, the shortest by ladder time and the least energy consumption. Along with a scheduling strategy of elevator group control based on pseudo differential feedback (PDF) control which can content the requirement of an adaptable elevator group control performance is presented. The algorithm will be improved to achieve better dispatching result and simulation experiment effect finally. The simulation results show that this method compared with other algorithms in elevator group control scheduling performance and traffic model's adaptability has greatly improved.

The elevator technologies are developed to serve the requested passenger's floors with high consideration of passengers' satisfaction and Fuji Lift optimal performance.

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