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FUJI offers 24-hour solutions for People Flow challenges faced in public transit centers by combining its wide range of elevators, escalators, and autowalks into comprehensive solutions that are accessible and make traveling through the building easy. FUJI’s offerings are also cost-effective: they reduce life cycle costs with their reliability, high availability, and energy efficiency.

How many times a day do you step into an elevator? Many people live and work 10, 20 or even more stories above the ground. Yet rarely do you think about complicated electromechanical systems that glides you up and down, lest your mind wander to thoughts of a Tower of Terror-like plunge into the subbasement.

FUJI Lifts also offers a range of machine room-less (MRL) electric passenger lifts. The design guarantees the best energy efficiency and enhances the lift’s comfort and safety. Space is optimised as the lift does not require a machine room, no sound pollution is created and no oil is required. This lift has a long life cycle and repairs are virtually unnecessary. We can also provide MRL lifts when carrying out lift replacements, freeing up the space previously occupied by a machine room – a huge benefit to customers with limited available space.

FUJI offers elevators and escalators for all types of office buildings – from low-rise buildings to the highest skyscrapers. Office buildings are generally open environments, so it is vital that the flow of people into, through, and out of them is efficiently controlled. FUJI helps ensure optimal People Flow in office buildings by carrying out thorough analyses and simulations.

Commonly found throughout the country, hydraulic elevators operate with a pump moving liquid (oil based or vegetable based) under pressure into a cylinder. The cylinder contains a plunger that moves the elevator as liquid is pumped into or released from the cylinder through a valve.

Many of the safety Elevator Manufacturer on modern elevators are fundamentally similar to the ones used 100 years ago, with refinements to account for the increasing speed and weight of today’s cars. The fastest elevators now travel around 30 mph. The descent is slower than the ascent, because rapidly increasing air pressure can cause discomfort in passengers’ ears.

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