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Moving walkway, also known as moving sidewalk firstly used in 1983 at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Unlike the escalator that moves vertically inclined, it is a kind of walkalator that moves horizontally. The walkway had two different sections, one where people could just stand or keep walking slightly ahead and the other where they could be seated.

There are two main types of moving walkways. The first type called pallet type. This kind of moving walkway is conjoined by a series of flat metal surfaces, similar to that of escalators. Most walkways are adopted with metal surfaces while some others use rubber to provide extra traction. The other type named moving belt. This type features rubber walking surfaces or metal belts fitted over metal rollers that move along; and the speed determines whether the surface feels solid or bouncy. What is more, both of these two kinds of walkways are adopted with moving handrails to guarantee the safety of the passengers.

High-speed walkways: several designs and patents were tested for high-speed walkways between the 1970s and early 2000s. Nevertheless, although there are many advantages of this walkways, for example, transporting passengers over distances in quick time, their reliability, safety and comfort still doubtful. So there are still a lot more had to be done to perfect them before adopt them widespread.

Inclined moving walkways: recently, these walkways are already widely used in supermarkets, shopping malls, and multiplexes to bring people from one floor to another floor. Trolley is a common tool that used in supermarket, with this kind of walkways who own no steps rather than traditional elevators, people can take trolley from one floor to another floor. The operation of walkway is similar to escalators, and there are full of grooves on the ramp which effectively prevent wheeled items from rolling away. What is more, they are now extensively used in airports, museums, public transport, theaters, theme parks, zoos, etc. to serve people.

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