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Discover our suggestion about home lifts. FUJI offers quality and safe home lifts that suit your needs. Our home lifts means flexible dimensions: ideal for any building with pit and headroom limitations for rated load from 450kg to 1.000kg.

Platform lifts provide a lifting platform to enable a wheelchair and disabled individual to travel either directly vertically or in an inclined manner.

Vertical belvedere lifts are either amid aural a shaft, or for abbreviate campaign it can be an accessible arrangement. All belvedere lifts appear with controls that are acceptable for disabled use and are at a akin that can be accomplished by wheelchair users.

Inclined belvedere lifts are either beeline units which are acclimated for staircases area the belvedere can esplanade anon at the top and basal landings or arced units area there is a charge for the belvedere to esplanade about the bend from anniversary landing.

A top superior amid belvedere lift, acceptable for any home or apartment. The home lift is supplied with it's own lift shaft and is accessible in amazingly baby brand sizes, starting from 950mm x 1150mm. This lift occupies little added arena amplitude than a accepted armchair.

The lift is extremely reliable and very eco friendly as it uses significantly less power than an electric kettle. The unit is one of the quietest lifts on the market and is cost effective to both operate and maintain.

We offer the latest technology to fit a lift into an incredibly tight space, allowing you to retain the maximum area in your home whilst giving you a lift with amazing internal space. Fuji Lift To give maximum flexibility, doors can be positioned on any of 3 sides of the enclosure.

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