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There was a time when homeowners would have though a hundred times before installing a residential elevator at home. It was not only because of the cost, but also because to many it only occurred as a luxury. But things are different today and a Home Lift is just more than luxury in the current times. Be it installing curved stair lifts Pittsburgh or a residential elevator, both not only add value to the property but also makes it easier for the aged family members at home to live an independent and safe life. The company that has been around for many years now and has been a trusted name in the installation of wheel chair lifts, stair lifts and home elevator is none other than Access Elevator.

A residential elevator may be a hydraulic drive elevator, ambagious boom elevator, traction, counter-weighted cable drive, or a counter-weighted alternation drive elevator. The blazon of drive you accept depends on your desires and the limitations of your home. All of the altered drive systems charge to be maintained and accept according assurance accessories as appropriate by code. If you accept an absolute home in Atlanta or Chattanooga or anywhere in amid area you wish to install a home elevator, you may accept to install the shaftway on the alfresco of your home so that your options are not bound by the blueprint of your home. We are experts at award a acceptable atom for your elevator. We will set up a chargeless appointment to analysis your home with you.

A home elevator alone takes up the amplitude of a accepted closet. The cab can be placed in an elevator shaft or in no shaft. Shafts can be central the home or alfresco for accessing from a driveway, aisle or patio. There can be doors on 1, 2 or 3 abandon of an Elevette, acceptance for just about any home’s multi-floor (or landing) configuration.

Whether you choose the low-cost functional lift or the high performance machine, we take the same amount of pride and dedication to making sure we have done our best installation for you and your elevator. We have had to service elevators where the original installing company took every shortcut they could to speed up the installation and save themselves money. We do not believe in shoddy workmanship or cutting corners. It's not good for you or for us, because we want your referral business. If you go test ride an elevator, ask to see inside the hoistway. Look at the wiring and the care with which all the pieces were installed. Ask what all the pieces are and how they work.

When choosing the elevator that is best for you, think of the purchase as being similar to buying a vehicle (but without the pushy salesperson). All of the cars will get you from Point A to Point B, but some have a luxurious, smooth, quiet ride while others allow you to hear more road noise and feel the bumps in road. Home elevators are the same way. While riding in some elevators, you hear all kinds of noises and feel the bumps, yet while riding in other elevators, you wonder if you are even moving until suddenly you have arrived at your destination. Just let us know what you are looking for. As with a vehicle purchase, you will pay more for the smoother, quieter ride and the prettier cab. The materials in some elevators have been chosen for their low price point while other elevators’ parts are chosen for their performance.

For more information on planning for a home elevator, specifics on elevator doors, or ideas on how to choose an elevator and an elevator dealer, look at

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