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At present, home lift has already become an indispensable machine in our life. It is now widely used in our daily life, such as shopping mall, supermarket, office build, etc. More importantly, it is also commonly used in homes these days. Home elevator can be considered as an element of both luxury and necessity. Especially for those who have difficulty in climbing stairs due to old age or physical disability, install a elevator in home is significantly necessary. On the other hand, with the increasing demands, manufacturers are now have produced various different elevator applied to home usage. Home elevators can be classified into different types, based on their design and function. There are four common types of home elevators as follow.

Traction: It consists of a cabin pulled by a counterweight, usually inserted in the bearing wall which is located next to the cabin. The counterweight is powered by a geared motor with a voltage of 380 Volt. The traction of the cabin is supported by a clutch pulley, which controls the flow of the ropes and provides some safety. However, the traction elevators have become dated as they are not very fast and unsafe. They are mostly found in old houses and buildings, which have not been renovated.

Hydraulic: The hydraulic elevator consists of a control unit operated with pressurized oil, which works with a three-phase asynchronous motor, a gear pump and a group of hydraulic valves. The hydraulic elevator is not provided with a counterweight. Its operation depends on the unit which transmits the motion to the cabin through a piston, which allows it to run. The electrical controls of this type of elevator differ from those of the traction elevators. The hydraulic elevators are fast, efficient and safe. They are widely used in houses and offices across the globe.

The machine room less elevator: Also known as MRL elevators, they are designed in such a manner that most of their components easily fit into the shaft that contains the car of the elevator. These types of home elevators allow you to optimize the space available in your home or work place. They are more cost effective as you do not need to spend money on any engine room. Besides, they do not require a lot of maintenance and consume less energy. They are widely used in houses as well as work places because of their efficiency and affordability.

Panoramic: They are widespread these days, due to the fact that they are pleasing to the eyes. They are mostly found in buildings used as offices and shopping centers. They are also found in many residential apartments because they help in saving space and they also add to the beauty of the house. The panoramic elevators usually come with tube shaped cabins, adorned with transparent glass.

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